Hey IBCLC, do you want to become an
In-Network Provider?  Steps 1 to 3 on this site will get you started. 
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Your first few steps...

How to get started with the process of joining an Insurance Network :
These steps come from the pages of my Coding, Documentation and Billing Manual. Use these steps to get started. I suggest your next step to buy the whole thing for all the rest of the info you need.

Step 1.
 Get an NPI number. A National Provider Identifier.
If you are an RN, IBCLC use this taxonomy number on the application: 163WL0100X.
If you are a Non-RN,IBCLC use this one: 174N0000X.
If you already have one, be sure one of these two taxonomy numbers is added to your number profile. To apply for or change your NPI:  https://nppes.cms.hhs.gov/#/

Step 2. Decide if you will be using your social security number for business purposes or you must secure an EIN Number, an Employer Identification Number, from www.irs.gov.   

Step 3. Go online and apply to be an In-Network Participating Provider. For this manual and example, I will use Aetna.

Step 4
: Once Aetna has processed your request, you will then be issued a CAQH Provider ID and be invited to submit an application to CAQH. The Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) is a council representing 25 of the largest insurers. They provide a single credentialing application that can be used by over 650 of the nation's leading health plans, hospitals and health care organizations. Information about necessary documentation is available https://proview.caqh.org/PR/Registration 

Tip: Put "not applicable" or "0000s" in the fields you cannot answer.
It is also acceptable to put your IBCLC Number when asked for License Number and then leave the other licensing fields blank.

More steps are featured in my manual. Purchase at Paperless IBCLC.

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