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            "I just want to say how fabulous Donna Sinnott is!!!  I spent hours trying to submit my first claim to Aetna. I was practically in tears trying to figure it out and making numerous phone calls to Aetna which led to nowhere except more frustration. Donna was able to quickly explain a few things I was doing wrong and my claim was accepted in the system.  Then I thought I might do back flips when I received my first check from Aetna which was DOUBLE the amount I was expecting.  I have since received several more checks for the same amount.  We are very lucky to have Donna and her much needed knowledge!"               Amy, IBCLC

            If you have signed up or want to sign up with Aetna or any insurance company that wants IBCLCs as in-network providers, this is very important information you need. I am offering a Crash Course In Coding, Documentation and Billing for In-Network IBCLCs. When you sign up to receive direct payments from an insurance company you must comply with current coding, documentation and billing guidelines. 


            By purchasing the 3rd edition at now you will be able to receive proper reimbursement for the valuable services you perform. 

           The Third Edition Is Coming Soon!
Now sold at Paperless IBCLC and available for preorder. 


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